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20% of the proceeds from purchases made from 9 March to 31 March will be donated to the Ukrainian population severely affected by the war.
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Maxima Women's Week: a special gift for you!
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Maxima Valentine's Week: arriva la Promo di San Valentino
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For each order placed in October 2021, Maxima will donate 10% of the value to the Humanitas Research Foundation. That's why the right time to buy your new bag is now!
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Not sure what to give to your girlfriend? Get inspired by our gift ideas for women who love beautiful things. Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day: the perfect gift for any occasion!
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How to choose the right bag? Check out our guide to buying a bag that will last forever: tips and inspiration to find your next favourite bag.
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Inspiration for your summer looks. Trendy summer bags to flaunt at the seaside or in the city. Trending styles, materials and details
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How to organize your bag, saving time and stress: 8 useful tips for bag decluttering. Switching from the Mary Poppins to Marie Kondo’s bag is possible. Find out how.
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How to choose the right bag for us? In this guide, we provide you with a series of tips for buying a bag that will last forever!
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Totes, shoulder bags, clutches, and fringes: must-have accessories for your winter looks. Discover the 10 best trending bags for winter 2021!