7 tips to match bags and shoes and always be fashionable

7 tips to match bags and shoes and always be fashionable

How to combine bags and shoes

Matching bags and shoes can be complicated, almost as much as finding your soul mate. Are we exaggerating? Au contraire: we choose our partner a few times in life, while we have to deal with the right combination of bag and shoes every day, often several times a day. And these are decisions that we make - or should make - in minutes. 

Until a few years ago, life was simpler. To match the accessories, we had to follow only one golden rule: couple the bag with the shoes. It was easy, the ideal way to not complicate our lives with impossible outfits. Times, however, have changed, and today freedom is in style. Fortunately, some unwritten rules will help us harmonize our looks. Because, as in everything, even excess hurts.

In this article, we provide you with some practical tips to combine bags and shoes. Let's see them together and make your life easier.

7 tips for pairing bags and shoes

  1. Bag and shoes of the same color? A classic

The fashion rules have changed: nowadays, the obligation to wear shoes and bags of the same color has lapsed. However, despite the risk of looking a bit plastered and dusty, going classic is never wrong.

Choose the classic color combination between shoes and a bag if you wear a bright or sparkling dress. Discreet accessories will allow clothing to stand out and be the protagonist. Red, electric blue, or fuchsia dress? Complete it with shoes and a bag in powder pink, beige, gray, or other neutral colors.

  1. Go for the contrast: bags and shoes of different colors

Today, bags and shoes don't necessarily have to mirror each other. There is no need to coordinate colors, textures, or fabric. Au contraire: someone suggests that bags and shoes should always be different.

If you opt for the color contrast between bags and shoes, the options are endless. Let your imagination run wild and create all kinds of different looks!

Accessories are the ace up your sleeve to revive basic and monochromatic garments: why not make a pair of electric blue shoes or a lemon yellow bag for the protagonists? With contrasting accessories, you can spice up even sober and formal looks without falling into the traps of banality or excess.

  1. Matching bags and shoes: what about the patterns?

How to behave when it comes to patterned fabrics? What to do if the combination of bags and shoes also includes materials decorated with different patterns? Don't panic. Remember that contrast is now an established trend. At the same time, though, the ensemble must produce a coherent narrative, whether it is harmonious or dissonant.

So, if we decide to combine two different patterns, let's make sure that the chromatic base is the same to give consistency to the whole image. At the same time, coordinated bags and shoes become the center of attention. Go for a solid color, possibly not too bold, to maintain the balance of the look.

  1. How to combine bags and shoes: never mix the seasons

Fashion likes it when there is a little bit of fuss between bags and shoes. However, when it comes to contrasts, we need to set some boundaries. Clashing colors, patterns, and textures are fun, but bags and shoes must belong to the same season

The fashion police forbid you to wear a winter bag with a pair of summer sandals. Fur boots with a straw bucket bag are a big no. Velvets, tartans, wool, or faux fur go with biker boots, combat boots, ankle boots, and other winter footwear. And vice versa: sandals pair with light summer bags in bright colors, flip flops, and rope wedges go with bucket bags.

  1. Priorities first

Determining which accessory will catch the eye in the overall look is the first step to achieving a satisfying balance between bags and shoes. What do you want to stand out for? Do you want to impress with a Shoulder bag in soft suede or with a pair of elegant pumps that slender the figure?

If you decide to make the bag the protagonist, opt for a sober pair of shoes and vice versa. In the first case, green light to fringes, python prints, bright and unusual colors. If, on the other hand, you choose heels, plateaus, or glossy varnish, it is better to opt for a passe-partout tote bag with an essential line or a clutch in natural colors.

  1. Combine bags and shoes according to the occasion

The sophisticated art of combining bags and shoes also implies understanding how to evaluate the single occasion of use. Knowing the context and the circumstance is an almost indispensable prerequisite for choosing clothes and accessories: professional or personal life? Festive event or everyday life? Gala dinner or a pizza with friends?

The more the context is formal and festive, the more we will go towards elegance. On the contrary, if the company and the occasion are informal, we will favor comfort. One last fashion tip: if we want to show off a new bag or pair of shoes, we can structure the whole look around them.

  1. Size matters

We want to leave you with one last piece of advice on combining accessories. This rule bases on the concepts of visual weight and harmony of the figure. If you wear a maxi bag, choose slim and discreet shoes, such as sober ankle boots or ballerina flats. On the other hand, if you wear a small clutch bag, put on high heels, and walk towards success.

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