How to organize your bag: 8 ideas to always have it in order

How to organize your bag: 8 ideas to always have it in order

Bag decluttering: i.e., the art of organizing handbags and shoulder bags

Any woman knows it: no matter how big it is, keeping a bag tidy can be a huge deal. Despite the commitment and good intentions, chaos often reigns inside our bags: old receipts, chewing gums, loose change, make-up, pens, and objects that we had forgotten to own crowd at the bottom of the bag. So, when we need something, finding it requires patience, determination, and a solid set of archaeologist skills.

In addition to being impractical, carrying around a giant bag full of nonsense can also put a strain on our bodies. Over time, heavy lugging bags might cause muscle imbalances and posture problems, not to mention neck and shoulder pain.

But there is a silver lining: organizing the bag is much easier than you think if you know how. Here are eight foolproof ways to eliminate clutter and bring order and rationality to your bag.

8 foolproof ways to always have your bag tidy

Take a deep breath and tune in to your zen spirit: switching from Mary Poppins’ to Marie Kondo’s bag is possible. Follow our simple tips and learn how to keep your handbag tidy, saving time and stress.

  1. Take it all out

Bag decluttering 101 is getting everything out. You may want to take the opportunity to give it a good clean by removing dust, balls of wool, and other residues scattered around. Then, take a look at everything you used to bring around with you. Start from square one: forget the previous organization and take the liberty to think outside the box.

  1. Decide what to keep

Now that it's all on display under your eyes, it's time to decide what you want to keep. We all have useless and mysterious objects in our bags: why not take the chance to eliminate them once and for all? Put everything where it belongs (or better yet, throw it all away) and forget about them

  1. Organize your belongings by category

Separating all the things you carry around might seem like a waste of time, but we guarantee it works. The basic idea is to give everything a place so you will know where to look when you need it.

One of the best ways to keep items organized is to divide them into compartments using handy accessories and zippered pouches. Pro tip: choose them in different colors, so it's easier to remember what's in each clutch.

  1. Keep frequently used items apart to find them first

Sunglasses, cellphone, keys: how many times do you put them in and take them out of your bag? Instead of going crazy looking for your smartphone when it rings or for sunglasses while driving with an annoying glare in your eyes, why not put them in the most accessible pockets? It will be easier to find what you need right away.

  1. Store the headphones and chargers in a sunglass case

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to untangle the earphones or the charger wire. Keeping them in a case like that of glasses will make your life much easier. Keyholders with zippered or buttoned compartments are also quite convenient for storing accessories, cards, and coins.

  1. Use wallets with compartments

Instead of rummaging through the bag for your driver's license and ID, organize them in a wallet with compartments. This clear, simple, and easy-to-see organization system will save you time and energy. If you need a specific card, just search for the color or logo: the wallet will show you previews of all your cards as soon as you open it.

  1. Technology is on your side

It's true: there is nothing like the feel of paper in your hands. But when it comes to reading on public transport or when on the go, smartphones and tablets are your best allies. By replacing books, diaries, and notebooks with smart devices, you will free your bag of any extra weight and keep everything in order.

  1. Get rid of what you don't need and do it every day

Now that your bag is all tidy and well organized, you may think the difficult part is gone. But keeping it that way is actually harder. Hard, but not impossible. Commit to throw away any receipts, paper, or candy wrappers that may have ended up in your bag during the day, and put any loose change in your entrance valet tray. Do this regularly and your bag will always be tidy and well organized.

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