Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Bag

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Bag

All crazy about the bags!

We all have our soft spots: some need to finish every meal with a delicious dessert, others don't mind a glass or two of wine, and others can't do without their fabulous bags. Just like shoes, bags know hot to drive us crazy. We can have thousands, one for every occasion, and yet we never get enough.

However, of all our beloved bags, clutches, and totes, we always have a favorite. That passe-partout bag that we wear with every outfit. The perfect size, the ideal weight, the color palette that matches any style, and the comfortable and reliable closures make it the accessory for every occasion.

Since we know that singling out one bag among countless temptations can be a difficult task, we want to provide you with some tips. In this compact buying guide, you will find inspiration and advice to choose your next favorite bag.

How to choose the right bag

Size, closure, color, and materials are all critical factors to consider when choosing a bag. So, you should take the time to evaluate these aspects, especially when it comes to investing in a quality piece that will last for many years.

Here are our tips for buying a new bag without regrets!

5 tips for buying the perfect bag

  1. Lightweight and comfortable

Sure, the design is a striking aspect. But when choosing an accessory for years to come, you should consider substantial factors such as versatility or weight. Your ideal bag should be light and possibly offer multiple compartments. This aspect is essential if you don't want to go crazy looking for keys or wallets. Thumbs up for handbags e le handbags , even better if equipped with shoulder straps.

  1. Leather is better

Leather is a superb material for bags because it ages very well. Like an expensive red Italian wine, leather also improves with the passing of the years. That's why, if you want to invest in a bag that can accompany you for a long time, nothing beats leather. Quality materials are a guarantee: even after many years, your leather bag will be more and more beautiful: need to add more?

  1. Colors? Stay neutral

Like for shoes and outerwear aspiring to eternity, choosing neutral and easy-to-match colors means betting on the safe side. The versatile shades of black, gray, and blue, earth and green palettes guarantee a better result in all circumstances. Bright colors and overwhelming personality patterns can grab your attention when buying but can end up tiring you in the long run - although the occasion can make a difference.

When it comes to tote bags , it's better to focus on the classics. For evening or festive occasions, you can experiment with unusual colors and add a touch of style to your looks.

  1. In medio stat virtus: average size

When it comes to bags, size matters a lot. The catwalks often have fun playing with extreme proportions: from mini-bags that don't even fit on the mobile phone to maxi bags that could come in handy in case of a move. However, often the right is somewhere in between. That's why it's hard to go wrong when choosing medium-sized bags.

  1. The right bag for every occasion

Before addressing the design issue, it is a good idea to consider when we plan to use the bag.

  • Shoulder bags are easy to carry and suitable for both day and evening, to go to the office or a happy hour.

  • The tote bag is a must-have for dynamic women who need to carry a thousand things with them. Slide your mobile phone, tablet, diary, beauty case, sunglasses inside, and you are ready to face your many commitments.

  • Feminine and refined, the handbag is smaller than the shopping bag but full of functionality. And, on the plus side, it makes even the plainest t-shirt and jeans look instantly chic.

  • Choose a bucket bag , a hobo bag, or a leather backpack for a more casual look. Backpacks, in particular, are very versatile and comfortable, as well as very much in trend. For the more bohemian women looking for a unique casual look, why not add a fringe?

Choose the right bag on MaximaBags

Size, color, material: when buying a quality bag, you should consider many factors. But, above all, when choosing a bag, you should keep in mind your personality. If it's the right bag, you will know it as soon as you see it: if it's love at first sight, don't hesitate, buy it!

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