5 gift ideas to make her happy

5 gift ideas to make her happy

The best gift for your special lady

If you think shopping is difficult, try to find the right gift for her. And by her, we mean your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, best friend, or teenage daughter - whoever the woman in your life is, undoubtedly she deserves the best.

There are many opportunities to give her a gift: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or an important anniversary. Or maybe just any day when you want to remind her how special she is by surprising her with something beautiful. 

Not sure which way to go? We are ready to help you with some ideas and a feminine point of view. In this guide, we've put together a list of our favorite gift ideas for her.

5 original gift ideas she will love

  1. A leather bag

What woman could resist a leather bag? Large or small, in laminated or suede leather, in python print or with fringes, single-colored or patterned, with handles or shoulder strap: there is a genuine leather bag that will make every woman happy! Besides, opting for a bag, you do not risk diplomatic accidents by choosing the wrong size. The choice, however, can be complex, especially if you don't know her tastes well and are afraid of making mistakes. In this case, you could bet on a gift card for her to buy on the website or store of her favorite brand. Convenient and versatile, especially if in digital format, the gift card allows her to choose what she wants whenever she wants. And you don't risk making mistakes.

  1. A picnic with her favorite food

Be original: find out what she likes and have fun organizing a picnic in a suggestive natural location. Cook (or buy) her favorite dishes and surprise her creating a unique and special atmosphere. She will remember that day forever!

And if the picnic is complicated, perhaps due to weather conditions, why not opt for a special breakfast to serve in bed or on the balcony? There is no sweeter awakening.

  1. Write her a love letter

It may sound trite, but we all appreciate a letter. Dedicating time to express what we feel in written words is a gesture that is worth more than a thousand bought objects. Especially if the writer is someone we love.

If you're not good at writing or worry that a letter is too compromising, you can leave her a simple message, maybe written on a post-it. Super simple, it doesn't require any special effort and can be done at any time, but it will surely get a smile from her! Is there a better way to wake up than reading a romantic message on the bathroom mirror or pinned to the fridge?

  1. A weekend for two

The location doesn't matter: the people we are with make the difference. Give her a weekend in a city she has never seen. Everyone likes to visit a lovely place, enjoy the company and escape from the routine.

Alternatively, you could give her a hot air balloon ride. Can you imagine such an adventure? Spectacular and unforgettable, a balloon ride is an experience that all her friends will envy. Especially because it will be impossible not to seize the Instagram opportunities from above.

  1. A romantic dinner

A timeless classic always appreciated: the romantic dinner never fails you. You can cook a delicious dinner yourself with candles and a bottle of wine, or take your special lady out. Invite her to her favorite restaurant or to that delightful bistro she has always wanted to try. What better time than now?

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