Maxima for PINK UNION: United for Research

Maxima for PINK UNION: United for Research

Humanitas Research Foundation promotes PINK UNION, a project in support of women's health. Each year, this initiative involves many companies and entrepreneurs, committed to supporting research for the prevention and early diagnosis of the most common female diseases.

This year too, here at MAXIMA we want to do our part.

Because we believe in the culture of prevention and early diagnosis, and we want to help spread it everywhere.
Because we know the immense power of solidarity and sisterhood, and we want to be those women who support other women in difficult times.
Because we think that scientific research "in pink" is essential to give more hope to women who get sick, and we want to help.

How? It's super simple. For each order placed in October 2021, Maxima will donate 10% of the value to the Humanitas Research Foundation. That's why the right time to buy your new bag is now!


Don’t Overthinkpink it. Do your part to support the research.


Pink Union is the movement promoted by the non-profit Humanitas Foundation for Research. Its goal is to support women's health by searching for new therapies for the most common diseases in the female population. Together we can build a culture of prevention.